“Weekend Wedding Package”

The most popular event option is our “Weekend  Wedding Package” which gives you the entire venue with the on-site guesthouse, ceremony site, and reception barn from Friday – Sunday.  $7,600 


  • Check in to venue Friday noon 
  • Barn check out Saturday midnight; Guesthouse check out Sunday noon 

The Weekend Package Includes –

  • Friday for decorating, on-site rehearsal and rehearsal dinner/party
  • Saturday ceremony & reception
  • Ceremony site for rehearsal and ceremony
  • Lighting-chandeliers, Marquee, String in barn and on decks
  • Use of decor for decorating tables
  • Signs and chalkboards
  • Electric heaters in bathrooms (cold weather)
  • Fans (in warm weather)
  • Cocktail Tables & Furnishings on decks 
  • Tables & chairs (set up for reception and teardown after event are included) 
  • On-site guesthouse Friday – Sunday noon 
  • Venue supervision during events

Weekend Package Additional fees: 

  • Guesthouse cleaning fee  
  • Barn cleaning fee  
  • Wedding Coordinator 
  • Officiant 
  • Linens 
  • Bar & Beverage Services  

“FULL SERVICE Weekend Wedding Package” 

The “Full Service” wedding package is perfect for those who want a turn-key event, where you have services set in place so you come, enjoy, walk  away from the Barn without having any cleanup! In addition to the services provided in the Weekend Package, the Full Service Customized Weekend package includes eight additional upgrades and services.  $8,800 

“FULL SERVICE” Customized Weekend Wedding Package 

  • Check-in to venue Thursday afternoon 
  • Check-out Sunday afternoon 
  • Your own personal Coordinator will help you design a floor plan perfect for your event. She will  help you establish an event timeline; supervise the set up for your ceremony and reception; coordinate your rehearsal & day-of events, direct staff and vendors, keep things on time from  processional through dancing.  
  • Linen service (for your guest tables — white lap length linens with linen napkins; for your bridal party table(s) white floor length linens; Cocktail  table linens 
  • Walk-Away” Event Clean up – Tear down and clean up by our staff 
  • Guesthouse cleaning fee 
  • Barn cleaning fee 
  • Complimentary Officiant to help you plan your  rehearsal and ceremony (or you can use your own Officiant) 

Full Service Additional Fees

  • Bar & Beverage Services

To accommodate every budget, we offer a “One-Day Event”. The on-site guesthouse can be added based on availability.  

Includes –

  • Barn for ceremony & reception 
  • Ceremony site for ceremony 
  • Lighting-chandeliers, Marquee, String  Lighting in barn and on decks 
  • Use of decor for decorating tables
  • Signs and chalkboards 
  • Cocktail Tables on deck 
  • Tables & chairs (set up for reception  and tear down after event are included) 

SATURDAY one-day event               $5,900 

  • Saturday morning – Saturday midnight 

FRIDAY one-day event                       $4,900 

  • Friday morning – Friday midnight 

SUNDAY one-day event                     $3,900 

  • Sunday morning – Sunday midnight 


  • day of event morning – midnight     $2,900

One-Day Events Additional fees: 

  • Barn cleaning fee  
  • Bar & Beverage Service
  • Linens  
  • Wedding Coordinator 
  • Officiant 
  • Guesthouse (if available)
  • Guesthouse cleaning fee 

Additional Fees 

  • Officiant – Licensed, Ordained Minister; Offers pre-marital counseling;Conferences with you for planning; Conducts the rehearsal  and ceremony; $400 
  • Day-of Wedding Coordinator – Helps you design a floor plan for your event; Helps establish an event timeline; Supervises set up of ceremony and  reception; Coordinates your rehearsal &  day-of events; Directs staff, your volunteers, and vendors; Keeps things on time from vendor arrival to processional through dancing;$450 
  • Bar & Beverage Service – Our Bar Manager helps you design your  complete bar & beverage service plan;  We offer four service options beginning  at as low as $1per person; ($25/hour per bar/beverage staff person;)
  • Linens – Standard white, 90” lap-length linens with matching napkins are per table; ($12 per table) Upgrade to floor length and/or color incurs an additional fee. 
  • Staff for custom services are  $25/hour – Rehearsal Dinner Services, set-up &  teardown; Decorating; Cake/Dessert set-up, service, tear-down, cake cutting;  Bussing, Personal Service for cocktail/guest tables; 
  • LP Heaters – Available during cool weatherno charge per heater; $20 pertank of LP 

Question & Answers 

  • How many events will be booked on  my weddings day
    • One- just yours!
  • Is anyone there to oversee the venue?  
    • Yes, every event has Supervision.
  • What is the maximum number your  barn can hold? 
    • JVB-250; BSB-199
  • How much is the deposit?
    • 25%
  • Do you take payments?
    • We divide your fee into four payments; the first is your deposit to hold your date; the last is due three months before your event; the  others are spaced equally between first  and last. 
  • Are tables & chairs included?
    • Yes
  • Do you have indoor restrooms?
    • Yes. Our restrooms are ADA compliant, furnished with baby-changing stations, fully supplied, and serviced regularly  throughout the event. 
  • What is the back-up plan for inclement weather? 
    • The ceremony can be held inside the barn; this may require  a re-set for the reception. 
  • Is there an additional charge for the  ceremony site? 
    • No, it is included.
  • Do I have to use your preferred  vendors?
    • You may use the vendors of your choice. 
  • Can I bring my dog? 
    • Yes 
  • Do you have a corkage fee if I bring  my own alcohol? 
    • No. 
  • Do I need to purchase alcohol &  liability insurance?
    • Yes, if alcohol is served. 
  • Can I use real candles?
    • Battery-operated only, which we furnish in our décor. 
  • What time does the music need to  end?
    • DJ stops at 11 pm; Lights out at  midnight. 
  • Who sets up and tears down?
    • Our staff takes care of set up and removing tables,  
  • What is your cancellation policy? 
    • We recommend event cancellation insurance. Payments are non refundable. 

JORDAN VALLEY BARN East Jordan, Michigan 

BLUE SKY BARN Elmira, Michigan 


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